Acoustic Binaural Stream – 10 Prayers


Acoustic recorded tones isolated to each ear. (USE HEADPHONES). The beach in Bali. The forest in Yellowstone. Prayers from 10 different countries around the world Heal. Meditate. Accept where you are here and now. Express gratitude. Let go of anger. Find inner peace.



My music will always be free. And, making these songs and videos is hard work and costs me time and money. As a single dad, I am conscious of my resources. The truth is, if this helps one person, it was worth it. And, I could really use your support. If you feel inspired to support me in making more music like this, there are three ways. One, is to simply buy the audio version here. The second is to make a donation (below). Third is to become a supporter and have access to everything I create. Every penny will be used to source exotic, meditative percussion for me to play, and equipment/travel to gather field recordings of sacred spaces. I dream of being an “audio hunter,” who travels around the world bringing sacred spaces to your home.